School Choice Facts

Douglas County School District (DCSD) is a school choice district. Families enjoy the options of neighborhood schools, open enrollment, charter schools, magnet schools and home education.

The DCSD Choice Task Force, comprised of parents, staff and community members, met beginning in the summer of 2010 and presented its recommendations to the Douglas County Board of Education in November.

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Neighborhood Schools
Posted 7 years ago

Douglas County offers academically reputable public schools. Several traditional schools already have a mission statement and definition of what they do especially well. The DCSD School Choice Task Force suggested that all schools adopt this philosophy to better market themselves to new families and communicate their strengths and philosophies with the public.
View the Task Force proposal related to neighborhood schools.

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Choice Scholarship
Posted 7 years ago

The adoption of an Choice Scholarship Program (also known as school vouchers) in Douglas County completes the package of school choice for Douglas County. The purpose of the choice scholarship program is to provide greater educational choice, improve educational performance through competition, obtain a high return on educational spending and close academic achievement gaps for disadvantaged student populations.

This program, originally called Option Certificate Program and renamed the Choice Scholarship Program, was passed unanimously by the DCSD School Board in March 2011.  View the program in its current form by clicking here.

View the Task Force proposal related to choice scholarships.

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Home Education
Posted 7 years ago

Douglas County families can currently select home education for their children, although the district itself offers limited direct services outside registrar functions. The Task Force explored various options that home educators seek in developing partnerships with school districts, traditional and public charter schools. The Task Force suggested that DCSD pursue addition of services through building relationships with interested home educators.
View the Task Force proposal related to home school programs/partnerships.

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Charter Schools
Posted 7 years ago

Currently Douglas County is the authorizer of eight charter schools that serve different student populations, each with unique scopes and missions. The Task Force sought continued expansion of the charter school collection, as well as strengthening the relationship with DCSD-the schools' authorizer. The Task Force also recommended various venues which DCSD may pursue to strengthen its best practices in the authorizing process.
View the Task Force proposal related to charter schools.

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Online Learning
Posted 7 years ago

Douglas County offers several programs that combine academic and technological innovation, allowing students to participate in school online. The DCSD School Choice Task force recommended additional partnerships and collaborative projects form in this area.
View the Task Force proposal on online learning.

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Contract Schools
Posted 7 years ago

School choice in Douglas County includes contract schools; however, they are amiss in the current DCSD school portfolio. The Task Force explains what a contract school is and how it could work in Douglas County.
View the Task Force proposal related to contract schools.