Great Choice Douglas County Press Release

For Immediate Release:  June 22, 2011

Contact: Pam Mazanec 303-681-3812

Great Choice Douglas County Supports Choice Scholarship Program

(Douglas County, CO June 22, 2011) Great Choice Douglas County, a non-profit organization of parents and citizens committed to educational choice in all forms, stands firmly in support of the Douglas County School District’s Choice Scholarship Program.

This vibrant new program furthers the District’s long history of innovation in education.  It seeks to increase choice for students and families, to improve quality through competition and promote overall academic excellence.  We believe every family should have the opportunity to meet their educational potential in the environment that best fits their needs, whether it is at a neighborhood school, a charter school, home school or private partner school.

We believe the interests of students and parents are paramount.  We believe the Choice Scholarship Program is a wise use of taxpayer dollars that will also result in a significant return on investment for the District.

Great Choice Douglas County, representing many hundreds of parents and citizens in Douglas County who support school choice, is eager to see the implementation and future expansion of this program.

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