Colorado Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Children and Families!

Press Release

February 28, 2013

Contact:  Charcie Russell 303 819-3033
Great Choice Douglas County is a 501(c)3 organization supporting school choice.  We are very pleased with today’s decision from the Colorado Court of Appeals reversing the district court’s judgment in the district’s favor.  The Court  concluded that:  (1) Plaintiffs have no standing to seek redress; and (2) that the Choice Scholarship does not violate any of the constitutional provisions on which plaintiffs rely.  This decision clearly supports the program so carefully crafted by the Douglas County School District’s visionary school board in their effort to provide educational choice to families and children in Douglas County.

Plaintiffs have already stated they will appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court.  We are confident that the district and children and families will prevail.  For today, though, we celebrate with all the families who have once again been granted their right to educational choice.

We thank the Douglas County School Board, the State Board of Education, the Douglas County School District and the Colorado Department of Education for their commitment to this noble and worthy legal battle.

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