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Choice Scholarship Program (DCSD’s School Choice Program)


Douglas County School Voucher Program Gets Day in State Appeals Court  Carlos Illescas, Denver Post, 11/18/12

Voucher-Case Arguments Loom  Jane Reuter, Our Colorado News, 11/15/12

Mickey Mouse Strikes Back  Joshua Dunn and Martha Derthick, Education Next, Spring 2012

Rally in Castle Rock, Colorado, Praises School Choice and Assails Teachers Unions  Karen Auge, The Denver Post, 1/25/12

“Friday Churn: Voucher appeal” Ednews Colorado, 9/9/11

“Families appeal Douglas County voucher ruling” Denver Post, 9/9/11

“Daniels Fund promises up to $530,000 in fight for Douglas County voucher program” Denver Post, 8/30/11

“Judge denies Douglas County schools request for stay on voucher injunction” Denver Post, 8/30/11

“Scramble following school-choice decision” One News Now, 8/23/11

“Dougco seeks stay of voucher injunction” Ed News Colorado, 8/19/11

“Court won’t consider parents’ “critical role”” One News Now, 8/19/11

“ACLU wins injunction to stop needy children from attending school of choice” Greely Gazette, 8/19/11

“Private schools to keep Douglas County voucher students during court fight” Denver Post, 8/18/11

“Colorado voucher ruling causes confusion, uncertainty” EducationNews, 8/17/11

“District works quickly to find public schools for voucher students” 9News, 8/16/11

“School district assists families in voucher program” Our Colorado News, 8/16/11

“Douglas County school voucher program halted; Now what, and who pays?” Huffington Post, 8/16/11

“Implications of voucher ruling not clear” Ed News Colorado, 8/16/11

“Injunction on Douglas County voucher program leaves families, schools in limbo” Mile High Mamas, 8/16/11

“Families scramble to find schools after voucher program halted” FOX 31 News, 8/15/11

“Denver judge halts first district-level vouchers” School Reform News, 8/15/11

“Court: Colorado school choice program unconstitutional” CitizenLink, 8/15/11

“Judge halts Dougco voucher pilot” Ed News Colorado, 8/13/11

“Dougco school voucher program halted” 9News, 8/12/11

“More than 500 kids may lose in Dougco Scholarship lawsuit” Your Hub, 8/10/11

“Ruling next week on Dougco vouchers” Ed News Colorado, 8/5/11

“On last day of testimony, parent of special-needs student makes plea for Douglas County vouchers”Denver Post,8/5/11

“County Ups the Ante in Voucher War”, Wall Street Journal 8/4/11

“Douglas County School Voucher Lawsuit Wrapping Up” Channel 7 News Denver, 8/4/11

“ACLU asks court to stop program that helps at-risk kids” Greeley Gazette, 8/3/11

“Arguments begin in Douglas County Voucher case”

“Hearing begins on Douglas voucher pilot” Ednews 8/2/11

“Denver Judge asked to stop school vouchers” 9 News, 8/2/11

“ACLU brings historical context to voucher events” Karin Piper, Your Hub, 8/2/11

“Court hears testimony in case to stop Douglas County’s voucher program” Denver Post 8/2/11

Denver Judge Holds Hearing on Whether to Block Douglas County School Voucher Program   KDVR, 8/2/11

LaRue v. Colorado Board of Education  Institute for Justice

“Charter School to Run Vouchers” Jenny Brundin, Colorado Public Radio, 7/19/11

“Dougco Moves Ahead With Voucher Charter” Nancy Mitchell, EdNewsColorado, 7/20/11

“Douglas County’s Voucher Charter School Gets Final OK” Karen Auge, Denver Post, 7/20/11

“Federal Complaint Filed Against Vouchers” Nancy Mitchell, EdNewsColorado 7/18/11

“Denver Judge: Douglas County Voucher Program Suits Should Stay in Denver” The Denver Post 7/18/11

“Judge Hearing Arguments on Dougco School Vouchers” The Denver 7/18/11

“Dougco Voucher Case Will Stay in Denver” Nancy Mitchell, EdNewsColorado 7/17/11

“Advisory Group Questions Voucher Charter” Nancy Mitchell, EdNewsColorado 7/13/11

“Flurry of Filings in Dougco Voucher Lawsuits” Nancy Mitchell, EdNewsColorado 7/6/11

“Pro-Voucher Group Joins Dougco Fight” Nancy Mitchell, EdNewsColorado 6/28/11

“National Group Enters Douglas County Voucher Fight” The Denver Post 6/28/11

“Dougco Vouchers Moving Forward” Nancy Mitchell, EdNewsColorado 6/22/11

“Dougco Defends Voucher Pilot” Nancy Mitchell, EdNewsColorado 6/22/11

“ACLU Files Suit Challenging Dougco Schools Voucher Plan” The Denver Post 6/21/11

“Lawsuit filed over Dougco Vouchers” Nancy Mitchell, EdNewsColorado 6/21/11

“School Voucher Program a Hit” Tyler Lopez, 7 News 5/13/11

“Douglas County Voucher Plan Draws Private Schools In” Carlos Illescas, The Denver Post 4/20/11

“LA Times on School Choice in Douglas County” LA Times, 2/15/11

“Board Floats Voucher Plan” Wall Street Journal 11/20/10


Appeals Court Weighs Dougco Choice Program:  Will Families Be Able To Give Thanks?  Ben DeGrow, Education Policy Center, 11/20/12

Selective Outrage over ‘Public Money to Private Institutions’  Brandon Dutcher,, 2/1/12

Commentary:  School Choice Gives Teachers Options, Too Tim Farmer, EdNews Colorado, 1/26/12

Commentary:  School Choice Week Celebrates Options Jared Polis, EdNews Colorado, 1/26/12

Education Reform Based on School Choice Andrew Campanella, CNN Schools of Thought, 1/25/12

“Appalled at misleading letter” Kevin Larsen, Tracey McNeal, Franceen Thompson, and Rich Robbins 7/28/11

“Appalled with Douglas County School Board’s maneuvering” Kevin Leung, Your Hub 7/21/11

“Freedom Heroes: Brave Local Colorado School Board Sued by ACLU–for CHOICE” Michelle Morin

“Is the Choice Scholarship Program Legal? The answer is yes.” Douglas County School District 7/5/11

“Dougco Vouchers, Round 2” Mike Rosen, Denver Post 6/30/11

“Thou Shalt Smite Vouchers” Ed Quillen, Denver Post 6/26/11

“Kids Win: Colorado School Board Sets Students and Families Free with Voucher Program” Kyle Olson, Big 6/13/11

EDITORIAL: “School vouchers spell choice in Douglas County” The Denver Post 3/18/11

“Douglas County Choice: Something like Paradise” EdNews Colorado, 3/8/11

“Sweden’s School Voucher System is a Model for America” Odd Eiken, The Daily Caller 1/23/11


School Choice

A Better Way to Define “Public Education” Doug Tuthill, redefinED, 12/5/12

Jindal’s Education Plan Expands Vouchers, Trims Tenure  Education Debate at Online Schools, 1/31/12

Louisiana’s Plan to Empower Parents Through School Choice  Rachel Sheffield, The Foundry, 1/30/12

Celebrating School Choice Week  Mike Brownfield, Morning Bell, 1/23/12

CU-Boulder Students Stand Up for Low-Income Peers  Whitney Bryen,, 1/20/12

NJ Gov Christie Proposes Indiana-Style Voucher Program  Victor, Public School, 1/20/12

Another Victory for School Choice  Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/18/12

Profit Needn’t be a Dirty Word When it Comes to Education  Fraser Nelson, The Telegraph, 12/15/11

“School Choice in America” The Heritage Foundation

“Why School Vouchers are Worth a Shot” Katrina Trinko, USA Today, 4/18/11

“High Court Rejects Challenge to Religious-School Tuition Tax Credit” Education Week 4/4/11

“School Choice Week Rally Videos” School Choice Week 1/11

“The Educational Year in Review – 2010” Heritage’s Morning Bell 12/31/10

“National School Choice Week is Underway” Heritage’s Morning Bell 1/24/11

“Cato Institute on School Choice 1/24/11” The Cato Institute 1/24/11

“FAQs from The Foundation for Educational Choice” The Foundation for Educational Choice 1/14/11

Steve Jobs: The Next Insanely Great Thing Gary Wolf, Wired, 1996

Online and Home School Learning

“The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning” Michael B. Horn and Heather Staker 1/11

Charter Schools

What’s a Charter School, Anyway?  Great Schools

Greeley’s Charters:  Who are They?  What are They?  Why are They?  Sherrie Peif, Greeley Tribune, 10/27/12

Are National Charter Schools a Game Changer or a Fad?  Alan J. Borsuk, JSOnline, 1/21/12

New Tools Will Improve Charters  Denise Mund, EdNews Colorado, 1/19/12

‘Occupiers’ Take on Charter Schools  Victor, Public School, 1/6/12

Promising Wisconsin Charter Proposal Suffocated by Defenders of the Education Establishment  Victor, Public School, 1/3/12

When Charter Schools Reflect a Spiritual Culture  Doug Tuthill, RedefinED, 12/29/11

“Charter School Rankings & Scorecard 2011” The Center for Education Reform 1/11

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