Board of Directors

Charcie Russell

Charcie Russell serves as a board member for Great Choice Douglas County. Mrs. Russell is the mother of two children who attended DCSD schools K-12th grades, graduating from Ponderosa High School. Mrs. Russell has been a Douglas County resident for 33 years and with her husband owns a small business in Castle Rock. Mrs. Russell was active in her children’s education as one of three members of the Parker Jr. High Parent Accountability Committee. More recently, she was a member of the DCSD 2010 Task Force on Choice and presented the Option Certificate Program Proposal to the School Board last fall. Mrs. Russell joined GCDC because she believes that every parent should be able to choose the most suitable educational environment for their student and that doing so benefits taxpayers by making optimum use of tax dollars while best furthering community education goals for the next generation.

Shannon Dreyfuss

Shannon Dreyfuss has been a resident of Douglas County for ten years and sits on the board of directors for Great Choice Douglas County. A supporter of quality education, Mr. Dreyfuss has enrolled his children in both private and public schools based on what his family considered best for each individual child. He believes that choice and competition are fundamentally good concepts and that the pursuit of the Option Certificate Program is a strong initiative toward applying those principles in Douglas County.

Pam Mazanec

Pam Mazanec, a mother of two children who attended Douglas County schools, serves as a board member for Great Choice Douglas County. Mrs. Mazanec joined GCDC because she supports school choice and strongly believes that Douglas County School District, as a high-performing district, should set a national example by implementing the innovative Option Certificate Program. Mrs. Mazanec has lived in Douglas County with her family since 1988 and with her husband Leon is co-owner and operator of a sod farm. Mrs. Mazanec has long been active in Douglas County schools, including as a prior PTO president at Larkspur Elementary, where she started and chaired the organization’s largest fundraiser for five years.