About Us

Supporting School Choice

Great Choice Douglas County (GCDC) is a non-profit organization founded by taxpayers and parents in support of school choice for Douglas County families. In collaboration with other parents, the organization advocates for all school choices – including those which will expand choice and allow Douglas County parents to send their children to the school that will best fit their individual needs and goals. By supporting all school choice options, Great Choice Douglas County is working to further establish Douglas County as a school reform leader in Colorado. The type of education reform that Great Choice Douglas County advances will not only benefit Douglas County families but the district as well.

Empowering Parents, Increasing Student Success

Great Choice Douglas County knows that school choice will provide parents the option to select the educational institution where their child will be the most successful. Studies have shown that school choice boosts parental satisfaction and improves students’ academic achievement. By advocating for school choice, Great Choice Douglas County is also working to improve the performance of students who are in the public school system through competition.

Increasing Competition

Allowing more choices increases competition and therefore the overall quality of educational options for parents in Douglas County. Schools of all kinds will continue to improve when parents are able to make market driven selections among all kinds of schools. The ability to choose among all educational options will lead to more variety of selection, higher quality schools and increased satisfaction among the users – parents and students of Douglas County.

Boosting the Douglas County School District

In addition to helping Douglas County families, GCDC’s initiatives will benefit the Douglas County School District as well. Douglas County is a growing district, with approximately 1,000 new students every year. Allowing a few the choice of attending elsewhere will help with potential overcrowding and increase access to services.

Promoting World-Class Education in Douglas County

Many of the nations with the highest performing students have strong school choice platforms. In fact, of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s top 15 countries by education performance, several, such as the Netherlands (number 10) and Belgium (number 11), feature school choice as a prominent component of their education systems. The United States is number 17 on the OECD list. By expanding school choice, parents will be able to select the school that is going to best help their child be most successful individually and on a global scale, while at the same time increasing funding in the district.

To get involved, click here for more information about what you can do to support school choice in Douglas County.