GCDC is a non-profit organization founded by taxpayers and parents in support of school choice to improve the quality of education for Douglas County students.


Supporting educational choice in all forms


Parents have a paramount right to choose the best education for their child


Competition improves education


Educational choice affords more families the ability to choose the best education for their child

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Announcements from Great Choice

Still hope for Douglas County students and families! 

Douglas County School Board will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review the ruling on the Choice Scholarship Program, arguing Article IX, Section 7 (aka the Blaine Amendment) runs afoul of the U.S. Constitution. Paul Clement, former U.S. solicitor general with extensive experience before the SCOTUS, will be lead counsel and the vote of four justices is needed to grant review. Blaine Amendments are in 37 state constitutions. The state of Colorado and parents denied the program will also file Writs, and Amicus Briefs from school choice advocates and other states with Blaine Amendments are expected.  Learn more from this interview of Mr. Clement. This case, if granted review, has the potential to overcome the last legal obstacle to school choice in Colorado and across the country!

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