GCDC is a non-profit organization founded by taxpayers and parents in support of school choice to improve the quality of education for Douglas County students.


Supporting educational choice in all forms


Parents have a paramount right to choose the best education for their child


Competition improves education


Educational choice affords more families the ability to choose the best education for their child

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Announcements from Great Choice

Disappointment for now, hope for the future.

The Colorado Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Colorado Court of Appeals in the Choice Scholarship Program litigation today.  We have linked the decision on our Legal Documents page, or access it here.  While we are disappointed for now, we are hopeful that the district may ask for review by the United States Supreme Court, and that the barriers to educational choice will be defeated. We will soon send a newsletter with our response to the decision, but in the meantime, stay informed via our Facebook page and twitter posts.

We are grateful for your support of educational choice–we are down, but not done!

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