GCDC is a non-profit organization founded by taxpayers and parents in support of school choice to improve the quality of education for Douglas County students.


Supporting educational choice in all forms


Parents have a paramount right to choose the best education for their child


Competition improves education


Educational choice affords more families the ability to choose the best education for their child

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Announcements from Great Choice

The Colorado Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Choice Scholarship Program battle on Wednesday, December 10.  The courtroom was packed, and GCDC was there!  See some of the coverage of their press conference here.  Listen to the audio of the arguments here.  Counsel James Lyons (for the defendants) and Michael Bindas (for the intervenor families) did very well, and GCDC is confident children and families will prevail.  A decision is expected in 2015.

Check for additions to our newsroom on the battle for the CSP and other school choice news around the country!  GCDC will celebrate School Choice Week at a rally on the West steps of the Capitol in Denver on January 26, 9-10 a.m.  For more info, please email us at info@greatchoicedouglascounty.org.

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